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Farm2Work Market is Open!

This post expired on March 02, 2015.

“These companies fight, tooth and nail, against labeling. The fast food industry fought against giving you the calorie information. They fought against telling you if there is trans-fat in your food. The meat packing idustry for years prevented country-of-origin labeling. They fought not to label genetically modified foods; and now 70% of processed food in the supermarket has some genetically modified ingredient.” Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

At our house, we only aspire to do better, not be perfect at this whole “eating right” endeavor. This week, my 14 year old vegetarian daughter pulled the pimento cheese spread out to make a sandwich. I asked her to please read off the ingredients. The first one was “American imitation cheese”, not a good sign. By the time she read half way through the rest of the ingredients, I thought for sure that she would be ready to toss it into the trash. Not so, she said she was hungry and that it was clearly my fault for buying it – a mistake that I will not make, again! LOL! On the bright side, a few minutes later, she wondered aloud what it would take to make our own…we had to look it up, but that might be a good weekend project around here.

Know your farmer, know your food…

This week, I would like to introduce Kelly Carney of North Pulaski Organic Farms. According to a speaker at the SAWG Conference recently, there are only 17 Certified Organic Farmers in Arkansas. Kelly gave up his career in technology to become a farmer a few years ago; however, since his is the only farm that I know of with web cams scattered about,he managed to keep some of the technology and put it to good use! Before this became a full time job, I used to visit Kelly’s website from my office-with-no-windows to see what was going on at the farm! :)

“North Pulaski Farms goal is to provide the best quality organic produce. We are a 100% certified organic vegetable farm located in the northern most part Pulaski County. We use a variety of growing systems including field systems, green houses and field scale high tunnels. We feature web cams and an online calendar to share our growing processes. Find us on Facebook at “North Pulaski Farms”. We have photos of all our crop from seed to harvest. Our online customers always get the pick of the crop.”

Regular members know this already, so, to the new members: We are small enough to be really flexible with your orders, so, help us make it easy for you! As always, please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. Feel free to select a different drop off location each week if your busy schedule requires a change. If you find out about a schedule change after the Market has closed, just give me a call & I will make the change for you! :-)

Also available on this week’s Market: Vegetables, Tea, Rice, Nuts, Mushrooms, Honey, Jams & Jellies, Herbs & Spices, Fruits, Eggs, Baked Goods, Bulk Herbs & Spices, and Baking Mixes.

Finally, thank you for your business!

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