Bluebird Hill Berry Farm

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

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Bluebird Hill Berry Farm is a very diverse family farm owned and operated by Jerry and Jeaneane Markham. The farm is located in Southwest Pope County 2.5 miles S.W. of Atkins on State Highway 324. This is an old farm which has been in Jeaneanes family for many years.

The farm is made up of 70 acres which have been cleared of timber and planted to grass. Some areas have been leveled to ease labor when growing produce.

This farm is not certified by any agency or group that states how items are grown on the farm but we practice the integrated pest management system which results in the use of insecticides only as a last resort to save the crop from destruction.

The berry crops (Blackberry,Blueberry, Seeded and non seeded grapes) were planted in 1998 in anticipation of retirement from the County Extension Service. I am a horticulturalist by training from New Mexico State University and the University of Arkansas.

Each Spring a large variety of vegetables are planted and produced using as little synthetic products as Mother Nature will allow. This practice results in some fruits and vegetables having bug and disease blemishes.

Our poultry are truly free ranging birds. They are not confined in “tractors” but are allowed to roam over a 13 acre pasture doing what chickens do. The birds are confined at night to protect them from nocturnal predators and loosed each morning.

The beef is produced by animals which roam freely over the pasture consuming the plant materials that grow there. This method of production requires a longer growing period to reach marketable size than for animals confined in a feed lot. Grains are fed as a managment tool and to supplement the diet when grass is not adequate to supply their needs.

In 2004, a Health Department approved kitchen was established on the farm. The production of Jam and Jelly as well as final poultry and egg processing is done in this kitchen.

All cooked items,(jam, jelly, salsa, BBQ sauce cakes and candies) are produced in our ‘on farm’ health department inspected kitchen. NO product, offered for sale, is made in our home kitchen.

The farm has a 12X12 cold room where produce is stored following harvest. The curing of bacon and ham take place here as well.

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