Welcome to Farm2Work, your local online farmer’s market! All of the products listed on this site are grown, baked, built, or otherwise created right here in Arkansas. We have growers from Atkins, Marshall, Jacksonville, Cabot, and places in between that participate.


Each week, your local growers list their available products online. The Market opens for orders on Thursday mornings at 10:00a.m. & closes on Tuesday mornings at 11:00a.m. You have from Thursday until Tuesday to place your order. Then, the growers harvest &/or bake your goods which they deliver to us early Wednesday so that we can sort and deliver to your office or your preferred drop off point: St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on Hwy 10, or, Trinity Cathedral, downtown.

For your convenience, all orders are prepaid so that you do not have to be in your office for the delivery. If you need us to leave your order with someone else or in the break room, just leave special instructions in the “Comment” section! In the event that a grower is unable to deliver something you ordered, your account will be credited for your next order OR I will refund the amount to your credit card. Your choice! :)

Thank you, again, and make it a great day!

Diane Rose